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Why Need To Learn Or Work On Fiverr

We offer Fiverr Marketplace course at online or academy, Fiverr Marketplace is one of the biggest marketplaces in the online freelancing market. Millions of people are working here. Its main advantages are to get job very easy way. It is shop system like you make the gig for your buyer. If your buyer like your gig, they can hire you. Fiverr payment method is PayPal and Payoneer. It really imagines.

Anyone can join Fiverr marketplace for freelancing work or client account to hire someone for his work. As a new freelancing, they should work with Fiverr initially then he/ she will get all idea about online marketplace which is very important for online freelancer career. They have some straight rules and regulation for working here. So, you should know about this before working there.

Fiverr Marketplace Course Modules
  1. Account Creating
  2. Levels and Benefits
  3. Navigation
  4. Selling Category
  5. New Gig Creation
  6. Manage Sales
  7. Revenue
  8. Analytics
  9. Buyer Request
  10. Gig Management
  11. Order Processing
  12. Order  Delivery
  13. Order Cancel
  14. Revenue Withdraw
  15. Customer Support
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Total Class: Seven

Course Fee: $100


If you are interested with custom course syllabus, please call us for details: +8801712432542

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