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Why Need To Learn SEO

We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course at online or academy, we believed that the SEO course extends your technical knowledge what you want or what you can’t think. It is more innovative and comprehensive course about SEO to compete in the International Market competition.

You may get SEO DVD to learn SEO but we believe it is not enough to you SEO learning. We just share one thing if you learn by SEO DVD, it is being one way that means you can’t ask any question or don’t get your problem-solving. It is important to learn from an agency or academy.

We have covered you how Google ranks a website, how to search keywords, the way to build up a SEO friendly website along with your researched keywords, the way to tweak the On Page SEO, the way to create links that Google enjoys and then just how to utilize your site on earning money on the Internet. All are step by step, easy to follow steps and super easy to implement for any people from any background. We have made lots of practical knowledge using more info, upgraded tricks alongside a great deal of innovative stuff which we are sharing our students.

So, don’t time waste others thing what you have no need for your profession. We always invite you to the best learning and go ahead to one more step.

Choose Your SEO Lesson

SEO Analysis

Google Algorithm

PPC Advertising

Keyword Research

Google Webmaster


Onpage SEO

Google Analytics

Domain Hosting

Offpage SEO

Social Media

Local SEO

SEO Course Modules

SEO Basics and Analysis

  • What Is SEO?
  • Statistics of SEO
  • How To Learn SEO Online
  • How Search Engine Works
  • Google Ranking Factors
  • How Google Ranks A Website In 2018
  • How To Index Website Link or URL
  • SEO Checklist 2018
  • Search Engine Queries – Ebook + Video
  • Demands of SEO & Scopes of Jobs Online
  • Understanding of Domain Age | gTLD | Web Archive | Meta & Keywords
  • SEO Questions & Answers Session

Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Terms
  • Keyword Research By Long Tail Pro
  • Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank
  • Manual Keyword Research
  • How To Get Keywords Idea From Amazon
  • Competitor Analysis Made Easy
  • SEO Competitor Analysis by SEOQuake FF Addon & MS Excel


On Page & Technical SEO

  • On Page SEO For 2018
  • How to Optimize Website Keywords For More Traffic
  • How To Create a Sitemap and Submit to Webmaster Tools
  • Advanced .htaccess Tutorial for SEO Hacks
  • Robots.txt For SEO
  • How To Install SSL or HTTPS On A Website
  • How To Renew SSL Certificates
  • Applying Nofollow Tags with Outbound Link Manager
  • On Page SEO by Yoast Plugin
  • How To Apply Schema Structured Data On A Website
  • How To Write Amazon Review Contents Within 20 Minutes
  • Understanding Canonicalisation | LSI | Content-Length | Keyword Density
  • Schema or Mark Up Data Tags For SEO
  • Advanced On-Page SEO For Content Writing

OffPage SEO & Link Building

  • How To Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks
  • How To Monitor Your Keyword Ranking?
  • Link Building Overview
  • Guest Posting Tutorial 2018
  • Quora Link Building Method
  • Private Blog Network (PBN) Set Up
  • Forum Posting – Blog Commenting & QA Backlinks
  • Edu & Gov Backlinks and Profile Link Building
  • Solution Broken Link
  • Infographic Creation & Submission For Backlinks
  • RSS Feed Submission & Document Sharing For Backlinks
  • Web 2 0 Site Submission & Backlinking Method
  • Article Directory Submission For Link Building
  • Document Sharing & PDF Marketing
  • Directory Submission & Listing
  • SEO Blog Commenting

Google Algorithm and Updates

  • Google Penalty Basics
  • Google Panda Penalty Recovery
  • Google Penguin Update & Recovery Process
  • RankBrain – Pigeon – Hummingbird and Manual Action

Webmaster Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Fixing Errors on Google Webmasters!
  • Google Data Highlighter Tool & Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap
  • Robot TXT
  • Bing Webmaster Tools 

Google Analytics

  • How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Track Affiliate Links or Outbound Links in GA

Social Media Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing For Beginners
  • Pinterest Marketing Made Easy
  • Twitter Marketing Made Easy
  • Document Sharing & PDF Marketing
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Ways To Get Clients or Projects From Twitter
  • Tricks to Get Clients or Projects From Facebook

Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Facebook Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Twitter Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Linkedin Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Youtube Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Pinterest Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup

WordPress The CMS Platform

  • WordPress Dashboard For Beginners
  • 10 WordPress Plugins For SEO
  • WP Installation | Sitemap Creation
  • WP Free Theme and Premium Theme
  • WP Theme Customization
  • WP Woocommerce
  • WP Security And Protection

Domain & Hosting

  • How To Select a Domain Name For Your Next Website.
  • How To Setup Domain Name & Hosting Account First Time.
  • How To Transfer To Another Hosting.
  • How To Create Branding Email.
  • How To Recover Your Domain.
  • Idea About World Class Domain Hosting Company.

Local SEO

  • Google Card
  • Citation Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Local Listing
  • Google Map
Enroll Now

Total Class: Fifteen

Course Fee: TK 15,000

Intern (Optional)
Our Powerful Knowledge Of SEO
Onpage SEO
  • Meta Title of a website built with any CMS
  • Meta Description
  • Schema Tags
  • Canonicalization Fixation
  • Robots TXT Fixation
  • Sitemap & Google Fetch
  • Site Speed Optimization & Suggestions
  • Local SEO Tags optimization
  • GMB (Google My Business) Page & Map Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Full Technical Audit & Suggestions
  • Site Structure & UI suggestions
  • Semantic Issues
  • Existing Content Audit & Suggestions
  • List of Keyword Phrases that people search on your niche.
  • List of Contents That One Website Should Have In The Blog Section
  • Google Webmaster Tool Integration & Error Removal.
  • Google Analytics Custom Data Reporting
  • Latest Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes in 2018
Offpage SEO
  • Competitor Backlink profile analysis
  • Link opportunity & source profile creation
  • Guest posting script to build links following long term process
  • Listing key influencers on any niche
  • Disavowing harmful links
  • Anchor Text planning & variation strategy
  • Social Profile monitoring for better social signals
  • Submission Backlinks Creation
  • .edu and .gov backlinks creation
  • Pyramid Link Building
  • Relationship Based Link Building
  • Guest posting for Links
  • Video Backlinks
  • Slides & Docs Backlinks
  • Links from Comments Section of Websites & Forums
  • Local Directory Links & Citation Building
  • Content Focused Link Building
  • Digital Marketing as a whole.
Who Is Not Eligible For The SEO Course

If you don’t have any patience or  self-restraint.

If you believe in quick money from this field.

If you think that, making money online is easy with SEO.

If you think, there is a magic word, but no skill required to be successful.

If you imagine a DVD will change your life with SEO, no updated information is needed.

If you are interested to learn without any support from your mentor.

If you don’t need to ask someone expert in SEO field when you are in trouble!

If you think you have learned everything about SEO and nothing left to learn in future.

Start Learning Premium SEO Today!
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