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Why Need To Learn Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Research shows that almost one-third of the world population or about 5 billion individuals will soon be getting a social communication frequently. So, it is a common thing now that social media is becoming one of the parts our life.

Based on statistics in LinkedIn, the demand for social media marketing has been increased because of 2010, as well as the brief time of searches for SMM work in World Wide, will produce millions of results in project websites such as Adzuna, Indeed, Jora and SimplyHired.

Social media manager are also some of their very highly paid for social media professionals on the market, together with entry-level social media marketer possibly earning around $83 000 based on crucial job features and expertise. Social media has completely revolutionized for communication and marketing.

“There’s a massive groundswell of people who have come through marketing degree or professional being social media marketing and are attentive to the ability of social networking. They now realize there’s a genuine profession in SMM, also it is a really exciting proposal”

SMM Course Modules

Social Media Marketing Basics

  • Why Social Media?
  • Importance of Social Media
  • Advantages of Social Media
  • Which Social Media Platform Is The Best?
  • Idea About Payment Method
  • Types of Freelancing Work in Online Marketplace

Facebook Marketing

  1. Creating Facebook Fan Page
  2. Design an Effective Page and Group
  3. Page Privacy and Secure
  4. Increase Real members and Fans (Tricks)
  5. Effective Post in Page and Group
  6. Photo Size
  7. How To Setup Ad Campaign
  8. Audience Management
  9. How to Run Effective Campaign
  10. Analysis of Ad Campaign
  11. Facebook Retargeting
  12. Facebook Pixel
  13. Facebook Business
  14. Messanger Bot
  15. Facebook Live
  16. Facebook Search

Twitter Marketing

  1. Twitter Account and Optimization
  2. Marketing Techniques in Twitter
  3. Increase Real Followers
  4. How to Setup a Campaign?
  5. Audience Management
  6. How to Analysis Ad Campaign?
  7. Retargeting
  8. Twitter Live
  9. Twitter Integrated for Easy Work

Google Plus Marketing

  1. Google+ Account and Optimization
  2. Idea About Community and Collection
  3. Marketing Tips And Tricks for Google+
  4. Increase Real Members
  5. Google Business Page

YouTube Marketing

  1. Create YouTube Chanel and Optimization
  2. How to Upload a Video and Optimization?
  3. What is Tag?
  4. How to do Research Keyword?
  5. How to spy on your competitor’s keywords?
  6. How to Rank a Video?
  7. YouTube Analytics.
  8. How to use the YouTube Advance Search process?
  9. How the Annotation and other marketing features works on YouTube?
  10. YouTube Marketing techniques
  11. Increase Subscribers
  12. How to Ads on YouTube?

Pinterest Marketing

  1. Create a Business Account
  2. Profile Optimization
  3. Create Board and Pin
  4. Marketing Tips and Tricks
  5. How To Increase Follower According To Niche?
  6. PPC
  7. Why is Pinterest Needed?

Instagram Marketing

  1. Overall Idea of Instagram.
  2. How to Research on Instagram to understand the interest of the public?
  3. How to optimize a Photo?
  4. How to Schedule Post?
  5. How does the HashTag Marketing work?
  6. Why Important Private Account?
  7. Instagram Android Apps for Easy Use
  8. PPC

Reddit Marketing

  1. Reddit Account Optimization
  2. Why is Needed Reddit Account
  3. What is Sub Reddit
  4. What is Post Karma and Comment Karma
  5. How to Increase Karma and Comment Karma
  6. Why You are Ban from Reddit or Sub Reddit
  7. Marketing Tips and Tricks
  8. What is Imgur and Flickr
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Total Class: Sixteen

Course Fee: TK 12,000

Intern (Optional)

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