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10 Content Marketing Tactics That You Must Incorporate

10 content marketing tactics that you must incorporate

After the hot and dry summers, you’re probably gearing up for the Fall and Winters. It is also a time when almost everyone starts to relook at their content marketing strategy (so that they can leverage best from the holiday season). The strategy must be tuned more to adjust the upcoming festive season and yield results before the whiff of winters start to settle in. It’s time for brands to re-examine the content marketing aspects that are working and the ones that are not…focus on the ones that they must adopt in the new year.

Content Marketing Tips for successful campaigning

If you haven’t already, I suggest you consider the following 10 content marketing tactics that are relevant, updated and the key to your success through what is left of 2018, and next year as well.

10 content marketing tactics that you must incorporate 1

1. Be prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Customers are going to various platforms to seek content. For example, think of Siri and Alexa where the users ask questions and get instant responses. These are the new digital doorways that have given a new way to seek content.

You must evaluate ways that your consumers are seeking information and refurbish your content marketing strategy to suffice that means. Content must be available in various formats.

2. Support every step of the customer journey with content

The customer or the buyer journey primarily consists of 3 stages — awareness, consideration and decision stage. There are different tools that can help your consumers through each stage. For example, eBooks, White Papers, Editorial Content, SME interviews are excellent at the awareness stage. Live interactions, videos, webcasts, and podcasts are great for consideration stage. Case studies, trial offer, and a live demo are effective for the decision stage. Content, in all stages, must be purposeful and diverse and help drive the buyer to the next stage.

3. Embrace Live Video

You probably must have heard this before, but it is critical to embrace live video. There is a huge demand for live video and an amazing response to it (at least for now). A brand that is using live video experience their engagement go through the roof.

4. Think Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers a new way for customer engagement and content marketing. As per International Data Corporation, the VR market will grow to $160 billion by 2020. While it may sound somewhat early to adopt VR at this time, but it will give you a competitive edge to adopt it early.

5. Work on your content distribution strategy

Even if you’re creating great content, it will remain average if no one reads it. Create a strategy around how to distribute your content to your desired and targeted prospects. Think of newer ways to distribute various formats of content rather than sticking to the old ways.

6. Personalize your content marketing strategy

Content personalization is evolving in a big way and impacting all marketing activities. Consumers no longer wish to be treated like any other users. In time stripped scenarios, it is important to serve the users with content that they are seeking and not something that is being fed to everyone. More than 90% of executives believe that content personalization is the way forward.

7. Expand your social media strategy

It is not advisable to depend on one or two social media platforms to establish your brand’s social identity. Each social media platform has its positives and negatives and must be used after evaluating the suitability of your brand, and the products/ services that you offer.

8. Incorporate lead magnet in your content

Lead magnet is something that solves your customer issues, gives an easy to understand the solution, shows your expertise and is easy to comprehend. Lead magnets can range from webinars, case studies, eBooks or guides. Some newer types of lead magnets include reports, checklists, and mini-courses. Include lead magnets in your content marketing strategy.

9. Use guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to improve your search results. It also ensures that you have constant engagement, attract inbound-links, raise awareness and build trust for your brand and attract new users and subscribers. You must ensure that you accept the contribution from reliable and known websites and promote your content.

10. Use content curation tools

Content creation can save you from the time and effort of creating content from scratch. Some popular content curations tools are Klout (that suggests the shareable content that you can post on social media), Nuzzel (a tool for creating newsletter content), Flipboard (a tool to create your own digital magazine), and many others.

Like everything else in the digital world, content marketing is always undergoing changes and there are new trends. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a helping hand with content that can give you a lead over your competitors, Digital Success Agency has a team of the most creative and qualified content marketers. They will be happy to discuss the right content marketing direction for your brand.

Md Masud Monsur

Digital Marketing Consultant

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